1. Give us a brief describe about yourself and your profession.

I am a Lover of God-Life and Myself! The society shunned dark skinned- shy little girl caterpillar who grew into an outgoing,resilient, creative, respectable, fashionable, amazingly awesome butterfly. My everyday wings I put on and wear as a Bahamas Customs Officer, my other wings I gained from travelling-seeing new and different things, people and cultures. A little over a year ago I decided to spread my wings a bit further and became the owner of Brownies 4 My Brownies, a seed that was a;ways planted in me from baking as a child with my mother and always having a sweet tooth...the love for both birthed my company which hold the slogan "Every batch made with Love".

2. What is the best advice someone told you?

The best advice someone told was to live and love my life on my terms unconcerned of what other think about me or it.


3. What is the best advice you can give other women in the community?

 The best advise I can give to other woman would be the same! You have to love yourself and the life God has given you. Don't ever be afraid to live your truth, go after your dreams/goals and be yourself un-apologetically.


4. What is it that makes you successful and how do you maintain your success?

My success is all owed to my relationship with God! He has brought me through some rough times, times where I know if I didn't have a relationship with him I would not have made it. My maintenance is simple...I remember days I prayed for everything I have now...an attitude of gratitude will always keep you blessed.


5. What is your WHY?


My WHY is for every girl/woman out there who has lost it ALL, everything...something that left them empty...broken. I want somebody, somewhere to see me and realize that they can make it they can do it, despite it all because God is a God of restoration and He will always restore you with what you have lost!
6. What accomplishment in your career to date are you most proud of?


 Accomplishment to date will be my company Brownies 4 My Brownies.
7. What adjectives would your references use to describe you?


Adjectives...they would say I'm organised, hard-working, a leader but also a team player, protective, dedicated, ambitious, strong, opinionated, strong willed...
8. How do you encourage yourself to think creatively?


I encourage myself to think creatively by asking myself  "What is NOT expected for you do to?" Whatever the NOT is I do it!
9. Which is most important to your business—mission, core values or vision?


Mission, mission is more important to my business. I always get an opportunity to share my story and that is what its all about for me.
10. What is the biggest challenge you face being a women entrepreneur or leader in your profession?


The biggest challenge I face  being a women entrepreneur or leader in my profession is the fact that I live in a society that success s measured by popularity rather than morals and standards. It really doesn't matter that you are qualified to do the job its more of 'if they like you' or 'who do you know' or 'who knows you' and so on...
11. What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership?


The most significant barrier to female leadership is the fact the we are females. Woman aren't seen as leaders we are restricted t the home...the household.
12. What woman inspires you and why?

The woman who inspires me is my Mother. She was the tiniest woman with the biggest heart! She was so strong for everyone. When she left me I felt as if It was over but then I remembered EVERYTHING she taught me and it turned out to be everything I ever needed/will need to be all that I am and want to be.