Alex Thompson


Our next 'Bahamian Women Rock' feature is the awesome owner of Signature Choices & Genesis Streetgear. You can also pick up a Bahama Buy and Sells Paper and read her advice column (The Original Choices "Luv" Page) to where you are sure to get some great advice.

At Tweak Your Chic Bahamas, we decided to takes some time out to feature a few Bahamian women who are making an awesome and positive impact in our community. We also believe that their stories will inspire others.

We are happy to have Alex Thompson as our next 'Bahamian Women Rock' feature and we hope you are inspired by this interview

Read her interview below:

1. Give us a brief describe about yourself,your profession, hobbies etc.

My name is Alex Thompson. I am an entrepreneur and own two retail stores (Signature Choices & Genesis Streetgear). I use the word entrepreneur over business owner because I WORK my businesses. In my humble opinion, I think Entrepreneurs get down and dirty...while business owners sit back and relax and for the most part, don't always have a direct interest in the business they own. Early on, making all the money I could was most important. But as my relationship with God intensified, my goal was shifted from making money at any cost, to being successful (two very different things). I wanted to earn my (financial) success through honest business dealings, treating staff and customers fairly and being a woman of good integrity. All of those aspects define true success to me, and has proven to be a profitable avenue to take. I genuinely love retail, merchandising and selling at my core. I have been told I can sell ice to an Eskimo. Therefore, my hard work doesn't actually seem like work at all. I usually have to pull myself away from my stores when new inventory arrives as I always want to redesign the entire layout almost immediately. My work brings me so much joy, which overflows to my customers in the service I offer them. I eat, sleep and breath Signature Choices & Genesis StreetGear. At this point in my life I can't see myself doing anything else but being a retail store entrepreneur. 
I am a true family oriented person, so almost all of my free time caters to being with my husband and 3 boys. I used to have many hobbies until they all came into my life, but now my hobbies generally revolve around them: Beaching and most outdoor activities; enjoying our sea, sand and sun. I believe I live in paradise, and I take every opportunity to enjoy it!

2. What is the best advice someone told you?

The best advice I ever got was, " Focus on what you do well and success will surely find you".

3. What is the best advice you can give other women in the community?

My advice to other female entrepreneurs, "Trust your intuition's always right". Meaning if your vendors are trying to sell you an item which they say is gonna be hot for the season, but you're not so sure, trust that inner voice.

4. What is it that makes you successful?

I firmly and wholeheartedly believe that my success comes from God's grace, mercy and blessings combined with my unwavering determination to not quit. I am an eternal hopeful, who believes better is always just a day away.

5. Which is most important to your business—mission, core values or vision?

The most important aspect of my business is my core values (which revolve around my employees). I believe in equipping all of my staff with the necessary skills to advance where they can take up positions elsewhere in the corporate or retail field if they choose to do so. I believe that my employees are the back bone of my business, therefore I put great value on treating them with the utmost respect and extending help to them in other areas of their life outside of my establishments. Their spiritual and personal growth is just as important to me as the growth of my business.

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