Ruth Cadet


There are so many talented and courageous Bahamian Women who have paved the way and made an incredible contribution to our country. These women are mothers, teachers, doctors, nurses, bankers, secretaries, motivational speakers, government workers, decorators, chefs, best friends etc.

Ruth Cadet was nominated by Rachel Carter heart emoticon

Born and raised in beautiful Freeport, Grand Bahama, I'm the second of four (the favorite if you ask, a public speaker, mentor, coach, budding author, a lover of life, a conqueror, and a woman driven by purpose and destined for greatness. 
I live the truth that there is value in my experiences and nothing in my life, whether good or bad, is to be wasted.

With a passion to empower others, I serve as a training and development professional in both career and social settings. I am committed to helping others, particularly women and girls, recognize and cultivate their sense of self-worth and self-awareness, and being a voice of hope and love in their lives.

I've been entrusted with a vision to serve as the Founder and Director of SPARKLE: Girls Shining for God's Glory, a girls mentorship and empowerment program; an honor that adds so much meaning to my life. My service commitment also extends to my local church where I serve as the Director of Children's Ministry and an Assistant Youth Leader.

I hold certifications in Hospitality, Training, as well as Youth Leadership. I am also an esteemed alumna of the U.S. Department of State International Visitors Leaders Program. A life long learner, I am working to complete a degree in Accounting Management.

Always ready to do something adventurous, I enjoy spending time swimming, traveling, reading, listening to music, and hanging out with young people.


Question 1:  What is the best advice someone told you?

A few years ago, a mentor and friend told me "LIVE YOUR TRUTH"
Between the overwhelming feelings of inadequacy and the fear of other people's opinion, I couldn't immediately embrace what that meant. But bit by bit, one decision after the other, it started to resonate. Through those simple words, I gave myself the freedom to reinvent myself without guilt, share my story without shame, and shine without any reservation of who is blinded by my light. MY LIFE HASN'T BEEN THE SAME SINCE!


Question 2: What is the best advice you can give other women in the community?

With so many "takers" in the world, commit to being a "giver"
Give of your time, resources, talents, and wisdom. Somebody needs what you have. Be selfless in making the world around you a better place.


Question 3: How do you maintain your success?

In addition to reading a lot, I set realistic goals and make myself accountable for executing some small component of it daily. I also stay connected to the people who believe in me, encourage me, and even those who inspire me. I'm not intimidated by the success of others. I've found that to be a great tool in maintaining my personal success. 
Above all, I've found the most important component in maintaining my success is my relationship with God. I believe who He says I am.


Question 4: What accomplishments in your career to date are you most proud of?

To date, the decision to resign from a "sure" job in pursuit of a more fulfilling and purpose-filled career is the accomplishment that I am most proud of. I did not allow a bad economy, financial obligations, or the opinions of others keep me from doing what I knew needed to be done. I will admit to there being moments of great fear along the way but I made the necessary moves afraid. 
I am now living a life of fulfillment and that makes for rewarding days and blissful nights; an accomplishment that is second to none.


Question 5: Which is most important to your business—mission, core values or vision?

My core values are most important to the work I do. They are the essence of who I am and the factors that every decision is predicated on. My core values fuel my vision and are the undercurrent of my mission.


Question 6: What advice would you give to young women in today's society?

Let integrity be your moral compass. Know your value; respect your body, your mind, and your heart and demand that others do also. DREAM Big! WORK Hard! SMILE Often!